Cheap GPS, many uses

In passenger cars and trucks

In motorcycles

In agricultural and construction machinery

In yachts and motorboats

In recreational vehicles

Basic features of Pins

Accurate location, vehicle tracking

The current speed of the vehicle is visible in the application

Support for multiple vehicles in one place

Access to the vehicle position and route history via the website for an additional fee

System functions

Vehicle location

Cheap GPS - Treesat Pins - Vehicle location

Thanks to Pins you know the exact location of your car. You can purchase more communication modules and track several vehicles at once.

Pins is always online

Cheap GPS - Treesat Pins - Always online

The GPS module is always connected to the Treesat servers. It operates throughout the European Union. At the same time, it does not strain the battery and consumes minimal amount of electricity. It is an intelligent energy saving system.

Preview on the website

Cheap GPS - Treesat Pins - Track your car through your browser

After purchasing the Treesat Pins set, the user receives two months of access to the Treesat Fleet Manager Light system that enables vehicle tracking on the computer screen.

GPS module + Application

It is online all the time. There is no limit to data transfer between the device and the application.

The system operates throughout the European Union.

The device is manufactured in Europe and has European approval and certificates.

Optional browser access to vehicle position and route history in the Treesat Fleet Manager system.

The Pins set consists of a GPS locating device and a mobile application called Treesat Pins. The locator is connected to the vehicle's power supply and has an installed and properly configured SIM card.

After installing the device, the user installs a free application available on Google Play i Apple App Store. The user sets up the user account and adds a new vehicle by entering the serial number, which is placed on the device.

The SIM card installed in the device works for one year from the date of purchase. After one year, the user may extend its operation for further years. Using the system does not involve any additional operator fees - there is no limit of data transfer between the device and the application.

The device uses its own Internet connection to send data to the application via our secure server operating in Poland. The SIM card will not work in other devices.

Choose a variant and order


Cheap GPS - Treesat Pins OBD - Vehicle location

Treesat Pins OBD

This set includes a device that is easy to install and is mounted to the OBD port in the vehicle cabin. After plugging the GPS module into the port, add it in the application and enter the serial number of the device.



In addition to the application, you will receive free access via a browser for 2 months.

When you buy Treesat Pins, you will receive two months of free access to our Treesat Fleet Manager Light platform, which is a simplified version of our Treesat Fleet Manager fleet system. After logging into the system, you will be able to observe your vehicles on the map in a web browser. After the expiry of the two-month free period, the user may purchase access to the Treesat Fleet Manager Light. Of course, Treesat Pins continues via the app.

Tani GPS - Treesat Pins - GPS via browser

Fleet Manager Platform

Tani GPS - Treesat Pins - Fleet Manager

A good fleet system

If Treesat Pins is not enough for your needs, we encourage you to take a look at our Treesat Fleet Manager platform. It is a more extensive fleet management system with drivers, orders and vehicles management. With the possibility of connecting numerous sensors, cameras, thermometers in vehicles. With a report generator and timesheets without the need to install a tachograph.


Learn more about Fleet Manager Platform

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