Basic features of the system

Cares about the safety of the vehicle and passenger. Thanks to KIA Assist, the car will inform you about a defect, theft, and also provide information to selected people about the accident. It works without data transfer limits across the EU.

Alerting about theft
Warning on your phone

Vehicle location monitoring

Battery voltage monitoring

Notification of an accident sent to selected people

Remote cut-off of the ignition in the car from the application level

Parental control, notifications about speeding

Can be integrated with a car alarm

Access to the vehicle position and route history via the website (additionally payable *)

KIA Assist application

Clear and intuitive interface.

Screen with messages,
warnings and reminders
Colors to indicate the importance
of messages and warnings
Easy access to vehicles,
messages, maps
Kia Assist - interfejs
Vehicle data,
number of days to service
Parental control
speed limit
Current vehicle speed
and battery voltage
Current position
of the car on the map
Tailored dealer offers
and promotions

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The most important applications of KIA Assist

Collision notification

KIA Assist - Collision notification

Too much overload or impact could be a signal that an accident has occurred. The system will alert you and selected people. You will also immediately see the location of a potential incident on the map.

Theft alert

KIA Assist - Theft alert

Every time your car changes position without authorization, you will receive a possible theft alert. You will be able to track your vehicle on the map.

Ignition lock

KIA Assist - Ignition lock

You can easily lock and unlock the ignition in your car directly from our application. For safety reasons, the ignition may only be cut off when the vehicle is stationary.

Battery voltage

KIA Assist - Battery voltage

The system will notify excessive drop in battery voltage.

Parental control

KIA Assist - Parental control

The parental control function gives the possibility of warning about exceeding the set speed limit.

Vehicle location

KIA Assist - Vehicle location

The exact location of the car on the map both on the road and in a parking lot or in a foreign city.

Business card in the application

KIA Assist - Business card in the application

Quick contact with the dealer and service from the application.

Important reminders

KIA Assist - Important reminders

The application will remind you of the upcoming technical inspection of your car or ending insurance policy.

Car alarm

KIA Assist - Car alarm

Ability to connect car alarm. If the alarm goes off, the system will send a notification to your smartphone.

Application + Devices

The device is always online

It works in the European Union

Approval and European certificates

The KIA Assist kit consists of a locating device and a mobile app. We connect the locator to the vehicle's power supply and install the downloaded application on the phone. After installing the application, we provide the serial number of the locator, vehicle data and we can enjoy the full functionality of the Assistant.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the KIA Assist app?

To log in to the KIA Assist application, you must first create a new account ("Create account") in the application. After creating an account, follow the instructions on the screen. The next step is to add the device to your account. Use "+" and enter the serial number of the device you received.

Where can I buy KIA Assist?

KIA Assist is available for purchase at any KIA showroom in Poland. Below there is a link to the website of KIA Motors Polska with a list of dealers:

Find a KIA dealer

There are 700 ignition locks available in the application. Is this functionality limited in time?

The ability to make 700 ignition locks is standard KIA Assist functionality. It is available for 7 years from the moment the device is added to the user account.

Is it possible to purchase additional locks?

Yes, it is possible. To purchase, please contact or by phone +48 898 881 016

Where can I find the serial number of the device?

KIA Assist is an optional vehicle equipment. Available for both new and used cars. KIA Assist is a set consisting of a device and an application. The KIA Assist serial number is located in three locations: on the communication module under the barcode, on the device packaging under the barcode and is pasted into the service book by the dealer when purchasing KIA Assist.

What is a business card?

This is the screen in the app with the contact details of the dealer from whom you purchased the Kia Assist solution.

Can I have more devices added to my account in the KIA Assist app?

Yes. You can add more devices to your account and thus track more vehicles at the same time.

I have previously created an account, but cannot log in to the application.

First, check whether the phone or tablet on which the application is installed is connected to the Internet. When entering the login (telephone number), check that the entered area code is correct. For Poland, it is +48 (e.g. +48111222333).

I forgot my password.

It is possible to set it anew - just select the "Reset password" function on the login screen in the application. A verification code will be sent to the provided phone number (login), which will allow you to create a new password.

Can I use the KIA Assist app on several devices at the same time?

Yes. You must log in on each device with the application installed using the same login and password.

Is the device manufactured in China?

No. The devices we use are of the highest quality. They are manufactured only within the EU.

Can I test the product before buying?

Yes. Please download the KIA Assist app from the Store (Google Play or App Store). After starting it on the login screen, select the 'Try Demo' button.

What Happens After 7 Years? Will the device, locks, and the entire system stop working?

The cost of purchasing the service from the dealer covers the operation of the device for a period of 7 years. After this time, the user has the option to extend the service for further years.

Is your device new or is it already checked and tested?

The communication module installed in the vehicles is of the highest quality and has been on the market for years. The device is manufactured in Europe, it is well tested and has European certificates and approvals.

I don't get notifications when the app is turned off

In case of problems with notifications, please go to System settings on the phone, then to the application settings and find the Kia Assist application (in the phones of individual manufacturers this function may be named in different ways). Please check if the "Autostart" / "Auto-start" / "Run in the background" option is enabled for the Kia Assist application

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