Basic advantages of the system

The Treesat Fleet Manager fleet monitoring system, thanks to the combination of geographical position registration and many other parameters, is used in almost every company with a fleet of vehicles or fleet management.

Convenient management of large fleets

Permanent access to vehicle positions

Driver’s working time records without a tachograph

Dedicated application for FM Driver

Monitoring the condition of the battery and power of devices

Cargo temperature control

Detailed route history with event overview

Generator of reports, including driver working time, vehicle parameters and many more

Hallway function - continuous system supervision over the vehicle route

Several types of maps

Sharing the location and selected parameters of the vehicle to customers

Works with Treesat Pins, KIA Assist and Car Assistant

Efficient and friendly user interface


Convenient list of vehicles, detailed information and parameters
Access to the current position of vehicles and a detailed history of routes
Fleet Manager - interface
Several types of maps, managing your own parking database
Communication with drivers via a dedicated FM Driver application, order management

We have developed a completely new look of the system with convenient solutions. Treesat Fleet Manager is quick access to the map and vehicle list with search engine, detailed information and parameter overview. The current position of each vehicle and the ability to view a detailed history of the route with occurring events, warnings, stops. A useful communicator enabling communication with drivers via a dedicated FM Driver application, sending graphic files and transferring orders. Fleet management via a web browser.

Most important applications

Everything under your control

Treesat Fleet Manager - Vehicle location

Real-time vehicle tracking and management. Route history with detailed mileage and overview of parameters, events, stops, alarms. Possibility of establishing a route and a safe hallway with the client, who can also have insight into what is happening with the vehicle. Management of POIs and parking lots. The possibility of grading car parks by drivers.

Cargo temperature control

Treesat Fleet Manager - Temperature monitoring

Loading space temperature monitoring, useful when transporting animals, food, chemicals and other delicate products. Any warnings are immediately communicated to the Dispatcher.

Door opening sensors

Treesat Fleet Manager - Door monitoring

Monitoring of the door on the road and at a standstill to improve the safety of the driver and cargo.


Treesat Fleet Manager - Alerting

Sending alarms about all monitored parameters to the dispatcher and the driver. Hallway alarm, speed alarm, temperature alarm, theft alarm, door open alarm, no change of position alarm and more. Cooperation with the FM Driver application and other external applications from the Treesat family.


Treesat Fleet Manager - Reporting

Creation of reports from parameters provided by the system, including kilometer reports, border crossing report, fuel consumption report, door opening report, CAN parameter report, eco-driving report and others.

Work time

Treesat Fleet Manager - Work time monitoring

Monitoring vehicle and driver working time. Possibility of keeping records and settling the driver's working time without a tachograph!

FM Driver application

FM Driver application

FM Driver is a convenient application dedicated to the driver. As part of the Treesat Fleet Manager system, it is used to communicate with the dispatcher and to process orders.

FM Driver application:

» accepting and handling orders
» accurate information about the order
» detailed route overview
» vehicle location on the map
» warnings and messages
» messenger and photo transfer
» company parkings, evaluation
» driver profile management
» the ability to report on the condition of the vehicle

Extensive report generator

The Treesat Fleet Manager system in cooperation with devices installed in vehicles enables monitoring of any number of parameters. Depending on the needs and specifics of the client's business, we select appropriate solutions, thanks to which Treesat Fleet Manager is able to generate a number of reports - from simple ones created on the basis of the car's position to more complex ones.

Mileage reports based on CAN and GPS

Border crossing reports

Refueling and fuel consumption reports

Alarm reports

Driver activity reports

Door opening reports

GPS parameter reports

CAN parameter reports

Digital Input Reports

Vehicle parameter reports

Eco-driving reports

Thermometer reports

Treesat Fleet Manager – a good fleet system

The Treesat Fleet Manager internet platform is a very modern and easy-to-use solution. We have many years of experience in creating this type of product. After numerous meetings with customers, we know that they are looking for functions such as recording the driver's working time in vehicles up to 3.5 tons (often without installing a tachograph), controlling fuel expenses, checking truck drivers, checking passenger car drivers. All of this is in the Treesat Fleet Manager system. Customers are important to us, we take into account every suggestion and idea. In practice, our clients are partners and create the system together with us. Join us. We invite you to a meeting!