Garage gates


Barriers and entrance gates to the property


Front door


Anti-burglary blinds


Doors to other rooms,
e.g. utility rooms

Basic features of the Click2open system

Controlling devices from different manufacturers

Works over internet - you only need internet connection in your phone. It does not matter how far you are from your gate

Virtual keys on your phone - sharing control with others

Opening status and device theft protection, sabotage notification

Simple application, intuitive operation

Control gate, wicket, garage, door in one place

Click2open mobile application

Using the system is easy thanks to the intuitive application interface. On the main screen of the application, the user can see a list of own devices (e.g. a barrier in front of the estate, wicket, garage gate) and devices made available to him by other users, e.g. by the administrator of the building in which he works. The user can conveniently manage access rights to each device. The application also shows whether the device is currently open or closed.

Two variants of the screen appearance (controlling by clicking or dragging)
Notifications and warnings in the application
Ability to create groups of devices to conveniently open a few barriers simultaneously
Widgets allowing for controlling devices without starting the application
Device names given by the owner
Click2open - interfejs
Device statuses (Open, Closed, Running)
Device sharing with others
Support for devices shared by other users
Support for multiple devices under one user account
Possibility to purchase virtual keys

The most important benefits of using the Click2Open system

Our universal solution allows you to control any device equipped with control automation (motors, actuators, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, central locks in vehicles).

No need to carry traditional gate remote controls with you - all you need is a phone and Internet access

Possibility to manage barriers wherever you are

Support for many types of barrier: gates, barriers, intercoms, central locks

Possibility to control devices from different manufacturers

Control of all devices (intercom, gate, wicket gate, garage, door) in one place

The ability to use widgets on a smartphone - opening with one click without the need to launch the mobile application

Barrier status (closed, open, online, offline)

Possibility to grant short access, e.g. for couriers or services

Possibility of granting access for a specified period of time to other users, e.g. for the period of renting a house for the tenant, family, friends

Convenient notifications in mobile app

Check how simple it is


You buy control modules and keys directly from the seller or from the administration panel


You install the control module in the automation that controls the barrier


You put information about the installed module in the panel


You assign the keys that you have through the panel for a specific resident, indicating his personal data


Using the application, the resident opens the barrier whenever he needs it, regardless of whether he is next to it or in another city


You can extend the validity of the key in the panel or resident from the application


You enjoy a reliable solution for many years!

The set includes

  • Control module equipped with a SIM card and online 24 hours a day. Click2open system control sets are available in constant voltage (DC) and variable voltage (AC) versions. For the DC version, only the Communication Module is needed for control, for the AC version, the set consisting of the AC Control Module and the Communication Module is required.

  • 2 virtual keys in a package for one device (control module), an excellent alternative to a traditional remote control, valid for one year.
    You decide who has access to your gate or your door. It is possible to buy more such remotes, e.g. for family members or friends.

  • Access to a convenient mobile application that can be used by you and other household members.

  • Instructions for connecting the control module to the barrier.

If you manage real estate (closed estate, homeowner association, house building, company building complex, hospital, public building), see the offer for property managers.

Click2open for managers

User reviews

The Click2open service functions successfully with our clients.

I have been using the solution at home for several weeks. I'm very happy. The most useful feature - opening the gate with a widget on the phone.
Individual user from Olsztyn
The most important advantage of the service is the range. The remote control did not always work, especially from a distance or behind another building. Click2open always works.
Individual user from Olsztyn
Although I bought Click2open because I am a gadget fan and only planned to open the gate to visitors, I quickly found out how convenient this solution is. Right now, my family and I use Click every day. In my opinion, the authors of the service have a clear vision of how the system should work. The application is constantly being developed and updates with new functions appear quite often.
Individual user from Olsztyn
Initially, I wasn't sure if Click2open would be a good choice, because I didn't find any online reviews for this product. I do not regret the purchase, it works perfectly. Click2open solved the remote control range problem as I wanted to open my gates early enough. I use a widget on my phone to open them. I recommend!
Individual user from Olsztyn