Garage Doors

Gates, barriers

Entrance gates

Doors, wickets


Basic features of the Click2open system

Controlling devices from different manufacturers

Remote action wherever you are

Virtual keys - sharing device control with others

Opening status and device theft protection, sabotage notification

Simple application, intuitive operation

Control of all devices (gate, wicket, garage, doors) in one place

Click2open mobile application

Using the system is easy thanks to the intuitive application interface. On the main screen of the application, the user can see a list of own devices (e.g. a barrier in front of the estate, wicket, garage gate) and devices made available to him by other users, e.g. by the administrator of the building in which he works. The user can conveniently manage access rights to each device. The application also shows whether the device is currently open or closed.

Device management
Providing control for a specific period of time
Multiple users with access to one device
Car Assistant - interfejs
Device names given by the owner
Device statuses (Open, Closed, Running)
Share devices with others
Support for devices shared by other users
Support for multiple devices under one user account


Click2open communication module

Click2open is a universal system consisting of a control module installed in the device (e.g. in an automation that controls a gate / barrier, with an electromagnetic lock / electric strike) and a compatible mobile application.

Click2open - Communication module

After installing the module and connecting it to the application, you can close and open any barrier (e.g. gate, barrier, wicket, as well as central locking in a vehicle), regardless of whether you are standing next to it or in another city. One application can control multiple devices.

Thanks to the function of virtual keys, users can conveniently and easily share access to devices with each other. It is possible to set a period (with an accuracy of a minute) for which the indicated user will be authorized to control the selected device.

The most important applications of Click2open

Our universal solution allows you to control any device equipped with control automation (motors, actuators, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, central locks in vehicles).

Possibility to control various types of barriers

Sharing access to barriers for employees and services

An alternative for pilots for entrance gates to housing estates

A virtual key enables access to the device to family, co-workers or residents of the estate

With the help of one application, you can manage multiple devices at the same time

Accurate usage reports (openings, closings)

Simple assembly

Click2open control sets are available in a direct current (DC) and an alternating current (AC) version. For the DC version, only the Communication Module is needed for control, while for the AC version, the set consisting of the AC Control Module and the Communication Module is required.

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