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Basic features of the system

Cares about the safety of the vehicle and passenger. Thanks to Car Assistant, the vehicle will inform you about a fault, theft, and also provide information to the indicated people about the accident. It works without data transfer limits across the EU.

Alerting about theft
Warning on your phone

Vehicle location monitoring

Battery voltage monitoring

Notification of an accident sent to selected people

Remote ignition cut-off from the application level

Parental control, notifications about speeding

Integration with a car alarm

Access to the vehicle position and route history via the website

Car Assistant functions

Collision notification

Car Assistant - collision notification

In case of emergency, the system will alert you and the indicated persons. You will also see the incident location on the map immediately.

Alerting about theft

Car Assistant - alerting about theft

Each time your vehicle with an armed alarm function changes position, you will receive a possible theft alarm. You will be able to follow it on the map.

Ignition lock

Car Assistant - ignition lock

Each time your vehicle with an armed alarm function changes position, you will receive a possible theft alarm. You will be able to follow it on the map.

Battery voltage

Car Assistant - monitoring the voltage on the battery

The system notifies you when the battery voltage is too low.

Parental control

Car Assistant - parental control

The parental control function allows you to warn about exceeding the set speed limit

Vehicle location

Car Assistant - vehicle location

The exact location of the vehicle on the map, both on the road and in a parking lot or in a foreign city.

Business card in the application

Car Assistant - quick contact with the service and dealer

Quick contact with the dealer and service from the application.

Important reminders

Car Assistant - a reminder of the policies and technical inspections

The application will remind you of ending insurance policy, the forthcoming technical inspection of the car or ending insurance policy.

Car alarm

Car Assistant - alarm, external devices

Possibility to connect a car alarm. If the alarm goes off, the system will send a notification to your smartphone.

Application + Devices

The locator is online all the time. There is no limit to data transfer between the device and the application.

The system operates in the European Union, with the possibility of extending its operation around the world.

The device is manufactured in Europe and has European approval and certificates.

Optional function of access to the vehicle position and route history via a website in one of the Fleet Manager family applications.

The Car Assistant set consists of a locating device and a mobile application. The locator should be connected to the vehicle's power supply and the downloaded application should be installed on the phone. After installing the application, you must provide the serial number of the locator, vehicle data and you can enjoy the full functionality of the Assistant.

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