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MPEC Olsztyn

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Project description


We run many years of activity in the telemetry industry based on wireless data transmission via GSM / GPRS. In the offered products, we use our own electronic solutions and proprietary applications to handle and share data with users.

We successfully operate the STL PRO system implemented in MPEC Olsztyn sp. Z o.o .. It is a solution based on the knowledge and experience of MPEC employees. It is designed for effective management of the network of MPEC measuring devices based on data obtained wirelessly from a distributed measuring infrastructure. The information is processed and made available to users in the form of a user-friendly application that enables quick increase in the effectiveness of the network and continuous control of its individual elements.

Treesat cloud computing supports both the STL PRO system and the systems of other software suppliers operating in several Polish cities.

Features of the STL PRO system

· Data are collected from almost 2,000 measurement points,
· The system allows you to control the elements of heat nodes that are located throughout the city,
· Communication is carried out by PLUS and MINI modules equipped with GSM modems,
· The user interface of the system is the proprietary STL PRO software.


Benefits of implementing the STL PRO system

· Coverage of all nodes in MPEC with telemetry,
· Obtaining regular readings synchronized with time,
· Elimination of the need to read energy meters manually,
· Accurate and timely settlements of energy consumers,
· Support for managers in managing the infrastructure of the EC network,
· Support for the work of service teams on the nodes,
· Faster detection of failures or places potentially possible for their occurrence,
· Savings,
· Possibility of group control of devices located in a dynamically indicated area of the PEC network,
· Possibility of adding further control or control and measurement devices to the system.