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Smart home systems have many benefits for their users, which is why more and more people decide to implement them. First of all, they affect the savings of the household. Proper setting of individual systems has a positive effect on reducing heating or electricity bills. Home automation greatly facilitates the sensible use of energy at home. Household can program lighting and heating, adapting them to their current needs.

Technological development has contributed to the emergence of such smart home systems that allow for quick installation, and at the same time are an inexpensive and easy method of controlling what is currently happening at home. The application created to control an intelligent building and developed by Treesat is easy to use, so programming preferences should not be a problem for any user.

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The Treesat team created server facilities for the Ferguson Smart Home system. Our programmers have also created and developed firmware for system devices. Treesat solutions enable communication between the system's control units, all sensors, smart sockets and the user's application.

Thanks to our solutions, the Ferguson Smart Home smart home is easy to set up, does not require cable installation, and users can monitor and control the home via the Internet.

All system data is processed in the innovative and safe Treesat cloud.

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