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Using our experience in the Smart Home area, we have created a new solution that protects the property and life of the user. A smoke detector with GSM function warns residents about a fire with a sound signal, LED lighting and a notification on the phone (via the mobile application). An additional advantage of the sensor is mobility and easy installation without the need to distribute cable installations and long operation (thanks to optimized firmware operation) without the need to replace the battery.

Ideal places of use:
- farm buildings,
- gazebos,
- holiday homes,
- boats,
- facilities with a fire protection system,
- houses, flats ...

In the event of a fire on site, the siren sounds and a telephone notification is sent to people who have the Ferguson Home application installed. The user knows about the threat even if he is not there.

The main advantages of the sensor:
- has a GSM module for notifications,
- does not require a separate power supply (up to 10 years of operation of the smoke detection module on one battery),
- up to 3 years of operation of the GSM module on one battery,
- does not require Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Internet as it has an already installed SIM card,
- detects smoke generated in the initial stage of a fire,
- detects high temperature,
- alerts the user with both a siren and a notification on the phone,
- has a small size, which facilitates mobility and ease of assembly.

Smart Home Treesat
Chmura Treesat

The sensor uses a cloud-based server facility created by our company for the Ferguson Home system. Our programmers have also created and optimized the firmware of the device. Treesat solutions enable communication between the sensor, the system and the application.

Thanks to our solutions, the sensor and other devices compatible with Ferguson Home are easy to configure, do not require cable installation, and users can control and control the house via the Internet.

All system data is processed in the innovative and secure Treesat cloud.

Application on Google Play Application on App Store More about the GSM smoke detector

GSM smoke detector annual subscription

After 12 months, you can extend your subscription directly from the mobile app or below. To do this, prepare the device's IMEI number and the login to the application. After passing the payment process your billing period will automatically change and you will be able to use the service for another year!

Price for the next billing period
-- PLN