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We are a technology company operating in the smart home, smart city and automotive industries. Our products are proprietary hardware and dedicated mobile, desktop and web applications. We work on our own computing cloud.

Our top products are GPS locators for transport, professional tools supporting logistics and remote systems for access and control of gate automation.

We service thousands of vehicles moving all over Europe. We have created e.g. official system for KIA Poland.

Our remote access systems are used, among others, by ARBET Investment Group sp. z o.o., the most recognizable developer and real estate manager in Warmia and Mazury, or by one of the largest Poznań hotels - ForZa***.

Who can become a Dealer?

We encourage you to cooperate with sales agents as well as installers and assemblers of electronic devices. Check the diagram below who can become our Dealer.

  • Treesat Dealers
    • Automotive
      • Sales agents
        • Automotive shops and wholesalers
        • Electronics wholesalers
        • Car workshops
        • Car dealerships
        • Vulcanization companies
        • Manufacturers and dealers of agricultural and construction machinery
      • Device engineers
        • Automotive shops and wholesalers
        • Electronics wholesalers
        • Electromechanics
        • Car, truck and motorcycle mechanics
        • Car electronics installers
    • Click2open
      • Sales agents
        • Stationary electronics wholesalers
        • Online electronics wholesalers
        • Couriers
      • Device engineers
        • Gate automation installers
        • Electricians

We didn't list your business, but do you have an idea how we can collaborate? Write to us or use the form at the bottom of the page.

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Why Treesat?

Expanding your offer with Treesat products is a good business move. Firstly, you will expand your sales portfolio, and secondly, you will increase your recognition thanks to free marketing support offered by Treesat.

Fast shipping

We assemble and configure our devices ourselves, thanks to which our stock is never empty, and the shipment of ordered products usually takes 3 working days. In certain situations, we can send the ordered devices directly to the end customer.

Discounts up to 30%

We provide our partners with special trading conditions. Discounts for Dealers are even 20-30% of the order value. Dealer discounts may be combined with additional promotions.

Fair offer

We believe that honest partnership opens up more opportunities, which is why at Treesat we share the profits from subscription renewals with our Dealers, even if your customers do it from the level of the mobile application. You make the sale only once, but the profits come back to you as long as your client stays with us.


Our offer includes proprietary products, a combination of applications written by us and dedicated hardware from the European Union. Treesat products are characterized by high quality. We are a recognizable Polish brand, and by buying from us you support the Polish economy.

Dealer caretaker

Each of our Dealers has their own Sales Assistant, with whom they can place an order, talk about the offer, report a failure or discuss accounting matters.

Device service

We service our devices ourselves, and the service request does not even have to go through the Dealer. In practice, this means that your customers can count on a quick repair or replacement of the device, and you do not have to devote your time and resources to this problem.

Marketing support

The standard at the start of our cooperation is a package of online and offline activities aimed at supporting the Dealer's sales. We provide free marketing materials and promote the Dealer in our social media channels and in the newsletter sent to all our customers. Immediately after signing the contract, we will send you a catalog of free services that we want to provide you during our cooperation. All you have to do is choose the ones that interest you, and we will take care of the rest and provide you with ready-made materials.

Technical support

We focus on cooperation and full support, which is why each of our clients can count on our technical support. Your customers will also have direct access to our technical hotline, thanks to which they will not burden you with problems related to failures or data transfer. We run a hotline by phone, e-mail and via Messenger.


Treesat provides installation instructions included in the price of devices for each type of locator. The sales policy for assembly services may be freely shaped by the Dealer.

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