Smart Home · Smart City

We have created a universal system that allows to operate gates, doors, barriers, central locks using a smartphone and a dedicated communication module. It is also an administrative tool designed with property managers in mind.


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MPEC Olsztyn

Smart Grids

We have implemented a monitoring and control system for the heating network in Olsztyn, using communication modules of our own production and the proprietary STL PRO system.


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Click2Go Poznań

Smart City · Car sharing

We have developed, made and implemented a system that supports the car sharing service.
The implementation included, among others, the configuration of communication modules in vehicles and server-based business logic support.


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Kia Assist

Smart Automotive

We have created a driver assistant for Kia Motors Polska.
The KIA Assist app together with the in-vehicle communication module provide alarm and monitoring functionality.


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Ferguson Smart Home

Smart Home

We have developed and made the server base of the Ferguson Smart Home system.
Our solution is responsible for data processing and notification management. A component of the system is also an API that communicates with front-end applications.


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Fleet Manager

Smart Automotive

We have created an Internet platform supporting the management of the vehicle fleet.
The system enables the administration of databases of orders, vehicles, drivers, settlement of working time and monitoring of parameters provided by sensors installed in cars.


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The world's first application to help save lives.

The world's first implementation of blockchain technology in the integration of smart cities.

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We have created a heating network management system in Olsztyn.

The system allows you to control the elements of heat nodes located throughout the city, regular readings and instant failure detection.

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KIA Assist - driver assistant

Alarms, notifications, vehicle monitoring in one application created for Kia Motors Polska.

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Framework dedicated to IoT solutions

We build dedicated systems using components of our IoT framework.

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Who we helped Products and solutions

The idea of

The idea of is to standardize communication with devices connected to the Internet and to develop a framework that facilitates building solutions (systems, applications) in the IoT area.

We are currently working on expanding the portfolio of compatible devices, as well as developing microservices that are components of the framework. What is more, we integrate with public clouds.

Our solutions support data from thousands of vehicles traveling all over Europe and thousands of buildings located in many Polish cities.



Key competences


We implement projects in the automotive area. Our proprietary solutions monitor and protect private and fleet vehicles.

Smart Home

Home automation is becoming more and more common. Our solutions allow for efficient building Smart Home systems.

Smart City

We strive to make our competences allow for a more “smart” life in urban areas. An example of implementation is the carsharing system, which is successfully operating in Poznań.

Smart Grids

Our solutions support the management of dispersed networks supplying utilities (water, energy, heat). We not only read and process data, but also control devices.

Compatibility standard

Together with the producers, we are working intensively to expand the “Treesat Friendly” product portfolio. Communication with devices that meet the compatibility standard becomes extremely simple. Data and action calls are normalized and accessed via API.


Devices and microservices framework is based on devices (both our production and those “Treesat Friendly”) and microservices.



Communication module - hub for devices communicating by wire, equipped with a GSM modem for data transmission from


Communication module - hub for devices communicating by wire, equipped with a GSM modem for data transmission from, battery powered.


Real-time geographic position analysis service.


Service for communication with users (PUSH messages, SMS, e-mail)


Communication modules with GPS, communication interfaces and GSM modem.


Interface allowing communication with devices in a standardized manner.

Cloud Storage

Data storage

Cloud Computing

Data processing

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